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Are My Windows Installed Correctly? How To Tell

worker installing new plastic pvc windowThe installation crew just left, and you are admiring your new windows. You start to think, “How do I know my windows are installed correctly?” If you can operate your windows with very little friction, the chances are good that the window was installed correctly. Double-hung and sliding windows should operate smoothly. Casement and awning windows should crank out and in and lock with little effort.

But still, you’re wondering: What could go wrong with my windows down the line?

The Most Common Window Problems

The first thing that could go wrong is the window glass could crack. The industry calls this a stress crack, and if it happens, it’s usually within the first year of a window’s life. This process starts when the glass is cut for the window. A minute crack, too small to see with the naked eye, will develop at the edge of the glass.

As the window expands and contracts over the first year, it creates stress, and when the first major temperature swing happens, the window cracks.

When the seal fails in your window, moisture finds its way into your insulated glass unit and fogs up. The industry refers to this as a seal failure, and it’s the most common thing to happen to a window.

Other window problems, like hardware failure or cracking vinyl, are unlikely but still possible.

If Something Goes Wrong, What Will My Warranty Cover?

Zen Windows Cleveland uses high-quality window materials and trained installers, so it’s rare for there to be problems once your windows are installed. But it still pays to know what your warranty covers, even if you don’t expect to use it.

Warranties From the Window Manufacturer

Practically all replacement window manufacturers have a limited lifetime warranty that may or may not be transferable to a second homeowner. Most window manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on the vinyl and operating parts. However, they will pro-rate your glass, so check the warranty before buying. You can get a lifetime glass breakage for an additional charge, which isn’t transferable.

Warranties From the Window Installer

Labor warranties never come from window manufacturers; they always come from the company installing your windows. By law in the state of Ohio, window installation companies must offer you a one-year labor warranty. After that, they will respond to a service call, but there will be a service charge (usually nominal). There are longer labor warranties on the market, but you will have to shop around to find them.

Zen Windows offers a lifetime labor warranty and backs it up with a transferrable glass breakage warranty. At Zen Windows, we like to say you will never have to pay another dime for your windows.

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