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What Are Some Important Features in a Window?

interior of bay window installationWhen buying windows in Northeast Ohio, you know a low U-value and high Condensation Resistance factor (CR) are very important. You also know if things go wrong with your window, it will be glass-related: A stress crack or a seal failure (fogged).

You know to shop for the best warranty, which should include lifetime non-prorated material and labor warranties with glass breakage, which is all transferable. What else should you know?

What Features Should You Look For in a Quality Window?

  • Thicker glass: Most manufactures use single-strength glass (SSB) 3/32”. However, you should consider using double-strength glass (DSB) 1/8”, which reduces the chance of stress cracks by 50%.
  • Foam-filled frames & sashes: ENERGY STAR® recognizes polyurethane foam-filled frames and sashes. They know polyurethane (the same stuff used in refrigerators) lowers the overall U-value of the window. Foam combined with high-quality spacers between panes is the best way to reach ENERGY STAR levels and increase the CR factor in your window.
  • Warm-edged spacers: In double- or triple-pane windows, spacers keep the panes of glass separated. The air (typically an inert gas such as argon or krypton) between the panes provides insulation. Warm-edged spacers add to the window’s insulation by slowing heat transfer even further. They also have less condensation and reduce the chance of seal failure or stress cracks.

Even when you have a good, solid warranty (like the one Zen Windows Cleveland offers), you don’t want to need it. By getting these three main features in a window, you are less likely to use the warranty and take time out of your busy day to meet the service professional.

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