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The Zen Windows Installation Process

bow window white exteriorReplacing your windows can cause a lot of anxiety. You’ve chosen stylish, high-quality windows, but now it’s time to get them installed. If you’ve never done this before, we understand why you’d be nervous.  You may have an image in your mind of these workers coming in with hammers, ripping out your window, and leaving dust and debris everywhere, tracking mud all over your floors, or making noise outside your windows with their ladder.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Indeed, it is not that way when you trust Zen Windows Cleveland.

Yes, you will know the Zen Windows installation crew is there, but it won’t be the nightmare scenario you’re imagining!

Window Installation with Zen Windows

Here’s how your installation day could go: You’ll have prepared before your installers arrive by taking pictures down, taking window coverings down, and moving furniture away from the walls, giving the crews space to work. The crew will further prep the area with dropcloths to protect your floors.

The crew will first remove the sashes (the operable, or movable, part of the windows). Next, they will remove the main frame. This is the most time-consuming part of the process, but things go pretty smoothly once it’s done. The crew will then clean out your sill area, prepping it for the new window. They will insert the new window into the opening, making sure it’s plumb, square, and level, using shims behind the main frame. Once they have the window in position, they screw it in. Windows do expand and contract, and you want a little space between the window and the wall. The installer will fill this void with insulation (fiberglass or spray foam).

Our crews use RWD on the inside to finish off nicely and transition to your house’s trim. The installer will caulk around the perimeter of the window on the inside. Then, on the outside, they will bend aluminum to wrap your window and caulk that as well, creating a finished look.

The crew repeats this process on every window and door you are replacing. You will never hear loud music or foul language, and they are always polite. Once done, they will clean up after themselves, including vacuuming around all the windows. In many cases, they will leave your home cleaner than when they arrived.

How Long Does Window Installation Take?

The length of time depends on how many and what type of windows you have. It also depends on how many people are on the crew and what the weather is like that day. At Zen Windows, we run two-person crews, but in the peak times of the year, we add a few more members, getting up to four or five people per crew. Typically, a two-person crew can install 10-12 windows per day. The crew will typically arrive around 9 a.m. and try to leave no later than 3 p.m.

Learn more and get started toward your own expert window replacement today by contacting us online or calling (216) 430-0587. 

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