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Which Window Is Best for Your Kitchen Sink?

large window above kitchen sinkWhen replacing the window over your kitchen sink, you need to slow down and think about this decision before choosing. This is a unique opening in your home for several reasons:

  • Unusual size: Windows over the kitchen sink are typically wide but not tall, meaning not all window styles will fit the space.
  • Ventilation: You will be doing a lot of cooking, and your kitchen sink window does a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to removing heat, odors, and moisture from the room.

Here are the Window Professor’s thoughts on several popular window styles and whether they will function well over your kitchen sink:

Double-Hung Windows

Just because you have double-hung windows in the rest of the house doesn’t mean you want one over your kitchen sink.

  • Shorter people will struggle with unlocking the unit and raising it, but the real challenge comes in lowering the window. And forget about just venting the top sash.
  • The meeting rail usually blocks your sight, which isn’t good; you want a nice view when you’re standing at the sink.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are the least expensive units to install, but unlocking the top lock can be challenging.

  • Depending on the overhang, these windows can take on a lot of water. Weep holes get plugged, trapping the water and causing it to come up over the lip and into the house.
  • You will be looking at the meeting rail/locks and lose visible light.

Double Casement Windows

Double casement windows are the most popular for your kitchen sink, and for good reason.

  • By far the best-performing window.
  • Crank-out windows are usually only 36” wide. At most sinks, you’ll have to install two of them, increasing your cost and reducing your view.
  • Some manufacturers offer a T-Mull, so you have less frame/sash and more glass.
  • The cranks are folding and nesting, so there are no issues with the blinds hitting them.

Awning Windows

Not the most popular, but awning windows have several good upsides.

  • Like a casement, this horizontally oriented style is among the best-performing windows.
  • You can put just one window in because they are designed to be wider and shorter.
  • They will maximize your visible glass and let in the most light.
  • You can open these windows for ventilation without worrying about driving rains or break-ins.
  • The cranks are folding and nesting, so no issues with the blinds hitting them.
  • The only drawback is that the cranks are located in the center, right where your faucet is. If they’re at the same height, this could result in an operational issue.

Consider Comfort When Choosing Windows

Many homeowners only think about whether windows will save them money on their heating/cooling bills, and they overlook the important benefit of COMFORT. This benefit will give you returns on day one, so you don’t have to wait until you get your utility bill.

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