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7 Trends in Home Window Design

man and woman discussing book sitting in window seatWindows are among the most essential features of your home. After all, they affect a house’s appearance, airflow, and energy efficiency. With residential window design trends constantly changing, you’ll be interested to learn today’s most popular window styles. Here are the top trends to watch out for and implement in your home.

Black Window Frames

There’s something about the clean, bold lines of black window frames that make them undeniably sophisticated. They give your home a dramatic and timeless look, inside and out.

If you currently have fiberglass or vinyl windows, you may be tempted to paint the frames black to achieve this look. While it’s technically possible, it may be better to avoid painting your windows because doing so may void your warranty and lower home resale value. Also, without careful preparation and technique, these materials won’t always hold paint well and may be prone to peeling and flaking.

The better choice is to replace your windows with black vinyl or fiberglass. To ensure a consistent aesthetic, it’s wise to install the same-colored frames throughout the house.

Mixed Finishes

Along with installing black windows, another trend is to mix and match finishes. White windows in white frames are the typical default, but it’s trendier to use a dark stain or finish on the sash and choose a color for the surrounding metal or wood frame that blends into the wall. This new look is a beautiful way to add a personal touch to the windows throughout your home.

Window Walls

Natural light will never go out of style. That’s why more and more homes are being built with impressive window walls. This is when glass is installed from floor to ceiling along at least one wall in the living room, dining room, or another part of your home. Such oversized windows are usually stationary, but you can combine them with sliding glass doors to increase ventilation and functionality.

Window Seats

Bay windows with window seats are space-saving, intimate, and trendy additions to homes of all architectural styles. Bathed in natural light, they instantly become enticing spots for reading and relaxing in any season. Window seats also provide built-in storage and extra seating without taking up additional square footage.

Noise-Blocking Windows

Outside sound can be a major distraction that hinders your comfort and quality of life, especially if you live near a highway, airport, or railroad. This residential window design trend involves installing high-performance windows that block sound transmission for a quieter, more peaceful interior. You’ll benefit from noise-blocking windows the most if you install them everywhere in your home.


Sidelites are narrow windows installed alongside your front entry or patio door. They allow more natural light to enter and create a greater sense of openness. Some models even operate, letting a breeze enter when you want it.

Custom Window Shapes and Sizes

The days of buying standard-sized windows and modifying the openings to fit are long gone. Now, you can order specific window sizes to match the exact space required. You can even customize the shape to complement your home’s architectural features. Examples of specialty window shapes include eyebrow, circle, half-circle, triangle, octagon, trapezoid, and many more in any dimensions you require.

Replace Your Residential Windows

If any of these ideas appeal to you, consider replacing your windows to incorporate your favorite design trends. The team at Zen Windows Cleveland can help you get the job done. We install vinyl and fiberglass windows with no down payment required. You’ll also benefit from our quick quote process, lack of pushy salespeople, and lifetime warranty coverage.

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