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Sliding Glass Door Installation and Replacement

Easy-to-Open and Secure Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors allow more natural light to stream indoors while saving you a surprising amount of energy. They’re a great addition to any home and beautifully complement a variety of architectural styles.

sliding glass door installation and deck with grill

Whether you’re replacing existing sliding glass doors or thinking of installing them for the first time, they’re a beautiful way to enhance your Cleveland-area home’s living space. Some of the advantages to modern sliding glass doors include 1/8” tempered glass, added security, and improved performance.

Zen Windows Cleveland provides our customers with the highest-quality brands and materials of sliding glass doors, ensuring your family’s safety and security.

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Benefits of Sliding Glass Doors

Not so long ago, many homeowners hesitated to install sliding doors into their homes, usually because safety glass was not always a feature. Today, you can enjoy shatterproof safety glass in all styles of sliding glass doors.

Our 1/8” tempered glass is four times stronger than regular annealed glass. If tempered glass breaks, it will shatter into small pieces that will not cut anyone.

Other benefits of sliding glass doors include:

  • Protection against potential break-ins with a two-point lock handle and toe bolt for added protection.
  • Additional security options like standard anti-liftout blocks fitted in the headers of the doors that won’t allow intruders to lift the panel out. An optional thumb bolt can be secured in the header as well.
  • Increased energy efficiency with triple-fin seal weatherstripping on the frames and panels of the door. This not only provides added air protection but also keeps out allergy triggers such as dust, mold, mildew, pollen, and dust mites. The welded mainframes and welded panels are filled with our comfort foam, which is the same foam used in your refrigerator. This feature ensure to keep Mother Nature where she belongs: outside your home.
  • Glazing options to protect furniture and furnishings against harmful UV damage

There are plenty of lifestyle benefits, too:

  • Parents with small children appreciate being able to keep an eye on the kids while they’re playing outside. The standard toe bolt will allow you to ventilate the door while having peace of mind that no one will break in.
  • Sliding glass doors don’t swing open like standard doors, so you have more space available indoors and out for furniture and decor. The patio doors glide like butter and are very smooth. They have heavy-duty rollers to hold up the weight of the panels, reducing friction at the sill.
  • The increased amount of natural light creates a lovely balance between the inside of your home and the great outdoors.

For more information about installing energy-efficient sliding glass doors in your Cleveland-area home, get a quote online today from Zen Windows Cleveland, or call us at (216) 430-0587.

The Zen Difference

Sliding glass patio doors should be safe, high-quality, and affordable. At Zen Windows Cleveland, we provide all that and more. And when you contact us online or by phone, you’ll speak directly with an owner, not an aggressive salesperson. We carefully consider your budget and lifestyle into account and recommend only the best products for your installation or replacement project.

Zen Windows Cleveland makes your satisfaction our top priority. We provide a zero-money-down, 100% satisfaction guarantee and easy, competitive financing plans. And no payment is due until your sliding glass doors are installed precisely how you want them to be. We offer free, 100% accurate quotes within one business day and provide double warranties, one from the sliding glass door manufacturer and one from us.

With our zero-hassle sales, smooth installation process, and guaranteed customer satisfaction, make today the day you choose a local professional team to install safe, secure, and beautiful sliding glass doors at your Cleveland-area home.

For more information about why Zen Windows Cleveland is your best choice for sliding glass door installations and replacement, call us at (216) 430-0587 today or get a quote online.

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