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Window and door replacement is our specialty! Zen Windows Cleveland is locally and family-owned, with over 20 years of industry experience, from manufacturing to installation. Our passion is helping our customers make wise decisions when purchasing windows and doors.

We won’t sell you half-baked solutions before understanding your needs. In fact, we won’t sell you anything. Your home decisions are made on your terms: We’re simply here to provide information and service when you’re ready for it.

We know replacement doors and windows, and we know Cleveland-area communities, including Chagrin Falls. When you work with us, you get an experience that includes:

  • 100% accurate quotes on your window replacement project
  • Zero-hassle window sales process
  • No upfront deposits
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Excellent window replacement financing options
  • Directly access to the owner of the company

If you’re considering new windows or doors, contact Zen Windows Cleveland for a free online quote. We serve Chagrin Falls and the Greater Cleveland area.

Superior Vinyl Replacement Windows in a Range of Styles

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Replacing windows in your home or property is an opportunity to improve your home’s energy efficiency and curb appeal. It’s an exciting undertaking for any homeowner because you can choose multiple styles and functions.

For some inspiration, here’s a rundown of possible replacement vinyl window styles:

  • Awning windows: Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward for a unique exterior look when opened.
  • Bay windows: A beloved classic! With three windows in a row that project from an exterior wall, bay windows bring additional shelf or nook space into the room and more natural light than a typical window.
  • Bow windows: Comparable to the bay window, bow windows also have joined window panes, but the windows connect at a gentler angle, resulting in a rounded shape.
  • Casement windows: Common and functional in any style of home, these windows crank open and closed, opening out from each side of the frame.
  • Double-hung windows: Another common replacement window style, double-hung windows can slide open from the top or bottom for multiple ventilation options.
  • Hopper windows: Hinged along the bottom and often used in basements, hopper windows open inward like an oven door.
  • Round-top windows: Round-top windows have a graceful, curved arch at the top for an extra architectural touch.
  • Slider windows: These windows slide open horizontally along a bottom track.
  • Special shape windows: These customized picture windows are styled and sized to fit unique dimensions and odd spaces. They could be triangular, half-round, or another special shape that best fits your home’s style.

Our Window Lines

Karma: Quality, everyday replacement windows with customizable configurations and flexible features that work well for any home. Notable construction features include:

  • Intercept® warm-edge spacers that create a reliable seal for energy-efficient performance
  • Double-paned, standard low-E glass with argon gas insulation between the two glass layers

Nirvana: The Nirvana line of windows is upgraded, offering all the Karma construction features plus double-strength glass for extra durability, insulation value, and energy efficiency.

  • Certa-Force balance system
  • Stainless steel-reinforced insulated frames

Lotus: Top-of-the-line Lotus windows represent the pinnacle of our replacement window selection.

  • Windows are triple-paned with double-strength glass for each of the three panes
  • The glass is double-coated with low-E glass

For a performance bonus, Lotus windows offer the most advanced sealing system — the Super Spacer® metal-free, warm-edge seal.

Replacement Doors from Zen Windows Cleveland

Chagrin Falls is widely known for its beautiful landscapes, and with upgrades to your home’s exterior like a replacement door, your property could be the total real estate package.

Entry Doors

Front doors set the tone for anyone encountering your home (especially you!). Entry doors can be some of the most fun door replacement projects. You get a total transformation from a single change. Schedule a call with Zen Windows today if an entry door replacement is on your home improvement list.

Sliding Glass Doors

The unsung heroes of home entries, sliding doors can be as good-looking as they are functional (not to mention safe and secure). Learn more about sliding glass doors from Zen Windows, especially if your current sliding door is clunky, hard to use, or outdated.

Patio Doors

Homes built before 1990, like many in Chagrin Falls, likely have worn, damaged, drafty patio doors that are chunky and possibly unsafe to open. Replacement patio doors are not just a visual upgrade; they’re a much-needed security improvement. Check out our patio doors for a simple, effective enhancement to your home.

Why Zen Windows for Chagrin Falls Homes?

We’re changing the way people buy windows. Rather than offering generic go-to solutions before you’re ready, we take the time to determine your needs before suggesting a product. We want the process to be comfortable and enjoyable and ensure you’re getting what you really want and need.

Learn more about how we’re changing the way people buy windows. With our promise of an authentic experience, we hope you consider Zen Windows Cleveland for your next window or door replacement project.

Call (216) 430-0587 today or get a free quote online.

We look forward to learning about your home and how we can help you love it even more with replacement windows and doors.

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