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Why We Choose Vinyl Windows

The concept of wood windows is traditional and beautiful, but wood windows are becoming a niche market. They’re higher maintenance, cost more, and last about half as long as other window materials. They’re just no longer practical for common-sense homeowners.

You can expect most windows to last about 20 years. But vinyl window replacements can last 40 years.

When it’s time for window replacement, which materials will give you the long life and energy efficiency you want at an affordable price? Zen Windows Cleveland can help you choose.

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Comparison: Replacement Window Materials

Aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, and wood are the materials used in most window replacements. Each material has advantages and disadvantages, but vinyl is the replacement window material chosen by most Cleveland, OH, homeowners and contractors.

Aluminum frames are not as aesthetically pleasing as vinyl frames and have several drawbacks as window replacements:

  • Aluminum corrodes.
  • The colors/material fade.
  • The cost is 40% more than vinyl and about 50% more than fiberglass.
  • They need special thermal insulation in areas of extreme heat/cold.
  • Aluminum frames are higher-maintenance compared to fiberglass and vinyl.
  • They are the least energy-efficient compared to other window materials.
  • Aluminum is more prone to dents.
  • Aluminum frames require repainting.

Wood window replacements can cost more than twice as much as a superior-quality vinyl window and don’t suit the aesthetics of all homes. They also have a significant number of drawbacks despite costing more, making them a niche option for modern homes:

  • Less durability
  • Worse energy efficiency
  • Shorter service life
  • Expect to pay over $1,000 per wood window
  • Need regular scraping and repainting
  • Prone to rot and insect infestation without proper maintenance
  • Susceptible to damage due to expansion and contraction

Fiberglass is perhaps the most comparable material to high-quality vinyl, offering largely the same benefits and drawbacks but costing more.

  • Higher cost of materials
  • More complex installation, meaning more expensive labor
  • Less popular, meaning fewer options

What’s your style? Zen Windows Cleveland has the window design for you:

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Pros and Cons of Fiberglass and Vinyl Replacement Windows

Cost is the deciding factor for many when comparing vinyl versus fiberglass replacement windows. Both materials are great, versatile choices.

Vinyl windows are made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride). They can be prefabricated to fit any opening, and they never need repainting. You can choose from various colors and finishes, so you can get the beauty of wood without the expense.

Even though they have the same level of energy efficiency, vinyl isn’t as strong as fiberglass. Fiberglass is a composite of polyester and glass infused with resins. Fiberglass can also be shaped to fit any opening, is easily painted if you wish, comes in many colors and textures, and is recyclable.

When comparing the two, consider:

  • Appearance: Both replacement windows are attractive and appealing. Your curb appeal will increase immediately.
  • Cost: Fiberglass is more expensive, and the installation is more complicated than it is for vinyl.
  • Maintenance: Both replacement window materials are low maintenance. A sponge, soap, and water will clean them.
  • Sealing/energy efficiency: This is an important factor because loose seals are the main source of energy loss. Fiberglass frames and glass panes expand and contract at the same rate, so there’s only a small risk of seal malfunction. Vinyl frames have welded corner frames to prevent seal failure. Both are considered energy-efficient options.
  • Strength/durability: Both materials are similar in strength and durability. Fiberglass can have a 38% longer life span than vinyl, but both materials can last up to 40 years.

Why choose Zen Windows Cleveland? What you’ve heard about the Zen Windows difference is true: Hassle-free quotes, no bait-and-switch tactics, and no payment until your project is complete. Your satisfaction is what matters most!

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Pricing Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are an investment, so it’s important to consider materials and installation before you buy.

Pricing is based on the number of windows, plus:

  • Glazing
  • Material
  • Size
  • Style

A window replacement can increase your property value and delivers as much as 81% ROI (return on investment). When you factor in the monthly savings on your energy bill, replacement windows are one of the best home improvements you can make.

Don’t let money prevent you from getting the replacement windows you need. Ask us about financing options that are customized to work with your budget.

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