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Energy-Efficient Windows

Are Drafty Windows Raising Your Energy Bill? Zen Windows Cleveland Can Help!

Energy-efficient windows keep the cold air outside and the warm air inside (or vice versa!), so your family gets to enjoy your home in comfort. They can also save you money today, tomorrow, and for decades to come while giving your Cleveland-area home a modern appearance that boosts its curb appeal and makes it the talk of the neighborhood.

What Are the Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows?

There are numerous advantages to choosing energy-efficient windows. Top benefits include:

  • Cost Savings: According to the Department of Energy, replacing your windows and doors in your home can save you 10-25% on your heating and cooling cost. Energy-efficient windows allow you to do just that and enable you to quickly recoup the purchase and installation costs several times over.
  • Reduced Condensation: Energy-efficient windows create a warmer interior temperature in winter, thus reducing the amount of condensation and possible ice buildup. Insulated frames and sashes, along with high-performance glass, lower U-value (meaning better insulation) and increase condensation resistance factors (CR).
  • Improved Comfort: From day one, you and your family will be more comfortable. Your old, weathered windows have seen better days. According to the Department of Energy, if you add up the cracks around your old windows and doors, they would add up to about a 3’ x 3’ opening. That would be equivalent to leaving one of your windows open year-round.
  • Reduce Wear and Tear on HVAC Systems: Energy-efficient windows help regulate your home’s interior temperature. They make it easier for your furnace (and air conditioner) to maintain steady and stable indoor temperatures. And because they don’t cycle on and off as frequently, wear and tear on components is reduced, which helps you save on equipment repairs and replacements.
  • Protect Interior Spaces: Energy-efficient windows block up to 99.5% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Your furniture, furnishings, artwork, and paint are beautifully protected from fading.

For more information about installing energy-efficient windows in your Cleveland-area home, get a quote online today from Zen Windows Cleveland, or call us at (216) 430-0587.

Energy-Efficient Window Styles by Zen Windows

Energy-efficient doesn’t mean boring! You can pick from a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials.  There are a multitude of exterior frame colors to choose from; interior colors include soft white and beige, as well as four attractive woodgrains. Styles include double or triple panes filled with argon or krypton gas.

Our friendly team can help you navigate your way through your options to the right decision.

For the widest selection of energy-efficient windows for your Cleveland-area home, look no further than Zen Windows Cleveland. Get a quote online today or call us at (216) 430-0587.

Installing Energy-Efficient Windows

Installation of your new energy-efficient windows is quick and easy. Each window takes 30 minutes to an hour to install. We remove your old windows, inspect the frames for damage like warping, repair any damage, and then install your new windows. Our efficient process means most replacement window projects can be completed in one or two days. And all work is scheduled to cause minimal disruption to your daily routine.

When you schedule installation services with Zen Windows Cleveland, you receive the skills and expertise you deserve. We offer our Cleveland-area customers:

  • Free, 100% accurate quotes within one business day
  • A zero-hassle sales and installation process
  • Double warranties and lifetime guarantees
  • Easy and competitive financing plans
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction

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What are “IGUs”?

Insulated glass units are two or three window glass panes in one frame. The two panes are separated by an inert gas, typically argon, krypton, or both, which minimizes heat transfer. These transparent, odorless gases are non-toxic. Spacers are placed to separate the layers and allow for thermal expansion.

Which windows are most energy-efficient: vinyl, aluminum, or wood models?

Wood is the most energy-efficient but deteriorates faster and requires more maintenance. Aluminum windows are the least energy-efficient. Affordable, durable, and low-maintenance, vinyl windows come with some impressive features:

  • Architecturally diverse
  • Better ROI (return on investment)
  • Lower installation costs
  • Many more styles available

What does “low-E” mean?

Low-emissivity coatings. The invisible layer that’s applied to windows during the manufacturing process provides insulation and controls heat transfer. While low-E windows may cost 5% to 15% more than windows without the coating, they reduce your energy loss by 10% to 25%, making them a cost-effective investment.

Which window styles are most energy-efficient?

Window professionals have always debated about which type of window is the most energy-efficient. Some are sold on picture windows because there’s only one pane of glass and less opportunity for air leaks. Others are fans of bow, bay, and casement windows.

In truth, if professionally installed and sealed, any style replacement window should offer superior insulation during extreme weather conditions and provide good ventilation when needed. Adding panes does increase energy efficiency, so choosing double or triple pane windows can be a smart decision.

Whether you’re planning an immediate home improvement project or researching your window replacement options, learning all you can about energy-efficient windows makes good sense. Zen Windows Cleveland can help you make the process as easy as possible. We offer hassle and pressure-free quotes for energy-efficient windows and doors. We’re your friendly local partner for all your replacement window needs!

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