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Round-Top Window Replacement in Cleveland, OH

Round-Top Windows Add Style & Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

One of the most exciting ways to add visual interest to your Cleveland, OH home is with round-top windows. No matter which style you choose, they add beauty to attics, vaulted ceilings, triangular corners, rounded roofs, and more.

Round-top windows from Zen Windows Cleveland add a timeless appeal to a variety of traditional and contemporary architectural styles. They’re a popular choice for many Cleveland-area residents when they’re replacing windows or installing new ones. Our selection of these stylish windows adds light, space, and style to your Cleveland home and gives you and your family enjoyment for years to come.

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What Are Round-Top Windows?

Round Top Window Installation & Replacement in Cleveland, OH

The perfect way to transform your Cleveland-area home’s aesthetic value, round-top windows add sophisticated curb appeal. The window style, which harkens back to Roman architecture, adds a remarkable statement to any room. Zen Windows Cleveland can custom-size any of our round-top windows to fit any opening perfectly.

Round-top windows, often referred to as arched windows, come in various configurations and styles.

Types of Round-Top Windows

Round-top or arched windows are easily identified by their curved shape. The window’s top gently slopes to the bottom half, which is a standard rectangular shape. We offer five configurations:

  • Fixed Arch Windows are commonly used to complement the square windows beneath them. They do not open but are designed to allow more light in, while offering an attractive exterior appearance.
  • Single-Hung Arch Windows have one operating sash. They typically open from the bottom.
  • Double-Hung Arch Windows have two operating sashes. They open from both the top or bottom and are ideal for increasing ventilation.
  • Round-Top Arch Casement Windows have a side sash so that you can open them like other casement windows.
  • Multi-Window Arch. To achieve this look, a group of gently sloping arched windows is placed together to create a round-top appearance.

Arch windows are usually placed higher up on the wall of your home, typically above other windows. This placement allows for additional light to spill in at the apex where the wall and ceiling meet. Because of this, most homeowners choose a fixed window for easier maintenance.

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Are Round-Top Windows Right for You?

Arch windows add charm and elegance to your Cleveland-area home without breaking the bank. In fact, with their many different configurations and options, round-top windows have the most varied price range, so one is sure to meet your budget. Depending on which round-top window you choose, it’s possible to get an arch window installed in your home at an extremely affordable price.

If there’s one “disadvantage” to round-top windows, it’s the difficulty in cleaning them, particularly those that don’t open and are placed high on a wall. In some cases, fixed arched windows might be a better option in terms of maintenance. On the other hand, if what you’re looking for is better ventilation, you might want to choose single-hung, double-hung, casement, or other multi-window configurations.

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